Getting the service you deserve – sounds obvious, right?  It could be if you have the right attitude.

I didn’t say you will get the service you expect from day one, but with the right attitude, you will eventually find the right service providers for you and your needs.

This topic is relevant not only to your Real Estate business but also for your personal life and any other business you are running.  How many times you got bad service and you did nothing to improve it? We all did, many times, too many times…   After a while, you even get used to it and it becomes your standard.

We have learned that insisting on getting the service you expect is a key factor in our business’s success.  We have implemented a policy in our business and in our personal lives – if we are not getting the service we expect we need to change something.

At first, we are trying to talk to the service provider to see if the service can improve.  Many times, once you will talk with your service provider and explain what is the level of service you are looking to get (and at what price), they will adjust and provide the service.  As an example, every time our contract with our cellular provider expires we shop around for the best package, then we go back to our current provider and usually, they match or even exceed the competitors with their offer just to keep us as customers.

We all need to remember that our service providers will define our bottom line at the end of the year. They can make the difference between a very successful business with high returns or a poor business that loses money.

Here are some tips on this topic that will make it easier for you:

• If you have a bad feeling with one of your vendors, just replace them. It might be difficult at first, but you have to think on the long run and make sure your business is profitable.
• Make sure it is not personal. You need to take emotions out of the equation when selecting your vendors or dealing with them.
• Setup expectations before you get into the engagement and make sure it will be part of your contract.
• If your vendor is doing a good job let them know you are happy. We also send a small gift like chocolate or bottle of wine – usually it makes a difference and will get you even better service.
• The same goes if your vendor is not performing as they should have – let them know you are not happy – just without the chocolate…

Let us know if you need help with your vendors. We can help with some additional tips and strategies…

We wanted to take this opportunity hand wish all of you Happy Holidays!!!
Wishing all a Healthy and Successful 2015.

the KERRA team