Throughout the years, many investors asked us why are we investing in the Chicago market?

What made us choose this market over other markets?

Why aren’t we investing in other markets, the ones you hear about on TV and other media channels?

And the greatest question of all – if you are located in Canada why don’t you invest in your market – Toronto?

All of these questions are great ones, really!! And before we have selected the market we invest in, we have done our research, an extensive research…

As a real estate investor, you would like to invest in those markets that are undervalued and are off the media radar.


As one of my mentors once said – “…if the CNN tell you to buy in a certain market, you should sell your holdings there…”

That is normally true. A market will get to the media when it is “hot”, meaning the prices have gone up already and the investors that bought 3-5 years ago are cashing out now.

The question you should ask yourself is – do you want to be the one selling in this market or buying?

The following article from UBS is giving a sneak peek to some of the major markets around the world and their “Bubble Index”. You will be able to see why we are not investing in Toronto at this moment and why Chicago is on our list…


If you would like to consult with us on which market to select for your next investments, reach out to us, we will gladly help!!


the KERRA Team.