Setting goals are one of the most effective and powerful ways for success.  Every successful person or business is setting goals for himself or for his business.  What makes it so effective? Why do you have to set up goals in order to succeed?

I guess it is in our human nature – when we are setting goals and expressing them to others we feel that we have to achieve them in order to show the world that we can do it.

Here are some key points for setting goals and achieving them:

• Set your goals for the year TODAY, don’t wait for tomorrow!!!
• Follow up on your progress on a bi-weekly basis to ensure you are in the right path.
• Set up short-term goals that will lead you to your bigger goals.
• Share your goals in public and talk about your goals – it will make your commitment even stronger.
• Build a plan to get to your goals…
• Stick to your plan and never quit!!!

Have a great 2015!!!

the KERRA team