I have to warn you before reading this post as it has some graphic details – reader discretion is advised!!

A few days ago we got a call from our partner in one of the properties. He was overwhelmed upset and exhausted. He told us that one of our tenants committed suicide overnight in his apartment. He was called by the police around 3 am asking him to get them access to the unit. Within a few minutes, the police decided to move in forcefully and updated our partner again. They have found the body of our tenant and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Once the body was removed from the apartment, the police called a locksmith to put a lock on the door so no one will be able to get in.

In the morning, after a long and sleepless night, our partner drove to the property and met with the police there. He decided that he doesn’t want to get in as he was traumatized enough by the events and couldn’t handle the emotions as he knew the tenant very well.

The next step was providing the family access to the unit so they could collect his belongings. We didn’t want the family to see the blood stains on the carpet and walls and we have pulled one of our maintenance guys from another job he was doing for us in order to cut the carpet and clean the unit before the family is getting there. We managed to clean the unit and hopefully made it a bit easier for the family during this tough moment for them.

A couple of days later the mom calls our partner, sobbing, to ask if there is anything she can do, or take care for us. Our partner was grateful for the offer, but we just couldn’t ask her to pay for the expenses. We have told her that we will take care of everything as she had enough to deal with those days.

Sometimes you just need to be human, forget about your business and just do the right thing. I believe that in this case, we have done the right thing…


The KERRA team.